1. Unlimited visits, no copays, no deductibles, no co-insurance
  2. Unlimited access to your Board-Certified Internist Dr. Brown (phone, text, webchat, facetime, email)
  3. Same day and next day appointments
  4. Wholesale medications - 95% less than market value
  5. Wholesale labs at a fraction of the cost you will pay through insurance
  6. Significantly Reduced Prices on local specialty care including colonoscopy, OBGYN care, Vision care, Dermatology, Pathology and more!
  7. Complimentary in-house procedures: lacerations, biopsies, EKG etc.
  8. Significantly Reduced Prices on local specialty care including GI procedures such as colonoscopy, OBGYN care, Vision care, Dermatology, Pathology and more!
  9. Complimentary weight management
  10. All preventative care including physical exam
  11. Cryosurgery and lesion removal for $10

We understand the challenge employee healthcare presents to our local small businesses. Not all solutions come from Washington…

What Does Ashewell Offer for Your Business?

Ashewell offers savings to both employers and employees:

  • 90% of all insurance claims are primary care claims and our goal is to absorb all the cost associated with your employees’ primary care including unnecessary and costly urgent and emergency care visits.
  • Employee health matters. It is not enough to give patients access to a doctor, we believe medications, labs, imaging, procedures and specialty care should be affordable. We offer these wholesale membership benefits at cost.
  • As the employer, you are billed $59/month per employee, employee spouse, or per child 14+. You pay anywhere from 0-100% of this amount. You can use a payroll deduction, allowing your employee to contribute 0-100%. We ask each employee to put a method of payment on file for medications and labs. An HSA can be used for our services and all benefits.

Healthy employees are the foundation of healthy businesses.

  • Employee health facilitates employee hiring and retention.
  • We guarantee same day and next day appointments, and 24 hours/day access to our doctors by phone, email, and text message for urgent and emergent issues.
  • Our care is offered regardless of whether employees are insured or not.
  • We offer high quality, personalized care from our board-certified internist inspiring confidence and wellness. A personal touch is just standard.


At Ashewell, no insurance is needed!

$59/month/employee for 5+ Employees

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